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Best Ad Ever…really??!?

According to Ad Age, Nike VP-Brand and Category Management Trevor Edwards declared that the marketer's TV creative for June's World Cup was "among the best we've ever done…" Yeah, they produced the spot. But does that mean they automatically get the halo effect from the world's greatest sports stage? Sure, this is art. But it feels a heck of a lot more like a tribute to World Cup rather than an ad of any kind for Nike. The greatest Nike ad ever…really? How about one of the coolest promotions for World Cup soccer ever. Here's Ad Age's take on it.

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Caitlin May 25, 2010

I agree – my attention span is pretty small when it comes to longer ads, and this one held mine the whole time through. I found myself wondering why Nike produced this ad though – it really does seem like a really exciting promotion tool for the World Cup games. I am left wondering if soccer stars will ever be as renowned in the U.S. as they are in other countries across the world. If Nike could do THAT for the sport of soccer – then I’d say yes this is the best ad ever.

Joel Fisher May 28, 2010

I think this could be Nike’s best ad ever, even though they have had a ton of great ones.

Largest international sport = huge audience
Amazing video work and production value = huge effort

Nike is present in someway on almost every football action frame without screaming “Hey, we make soccer stuff”.

It’s bold. It’s beautiful. Glorifies the sport and emphasizes it’s impact throughout the world, social media, politics, and on on people’s lives.

Football is much more than a sport. Fans and cultures live, breath, and rely on it. It’s bigger than the sport itself. Sort of like Nike, don’t you think.

ryan June 2, 2010

I have to agree with Joel on this one. It is epic, yet ironically, not in a overly produced glitzy way. The World Cup has the global reach that could potentially change the course of a country’s history, or at least for the lives of the athletes. I’m anxious to see what the actual sponsor of the World Cup, Adidas, comes up with. I’m guessing they’re re-tooling as we speak. Nike with the upper-hand, again.

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