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10 Must-read digital marketing blog posts

Your summer reading checklist is here.

I think it’s safe to say I am addicted to the Internet. Whenever someone asks me what I last read, I usually respond with the name of one of my favorite digital marketing blogs. As you can imagine, this goes over extremely well at parties.
Sure, occasionally I will come across [...]



CSS3 Buttons

CSS, specifically CSS3, has made incredible strides in allowing nearly any graphical effect to be rendered by a browser. As a front-end developer, these features allow me to generate highly detailed elements without a single image needing to be loaded, meaning faster websites and a better experience.
Furthermore, with CSS transitions and animations, I can apply [...]



Our Take on the Facebook Timeline Updates

As the social media world evolves, new opportunities arise. Facebook recently announced major changes to the way brands can interact with and engage fans.

Marriott International, Inc.

Marriott Mobile App Landing Pages


Interactive Facebook Page



HTML Tricks: Cross Hatched Shadows

Pixel patterns are a great way of adding subtle intricacy to design. When used correctly, it can add depth and focus to typography that normal “Web 2.0″ tricks (glows, shadows and reflections) can’t usually achieve.