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How do you describe people as eclectic as ours? You don’t. You let them do it.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of people who work at Planit. A million different interests. A million different life stories. Yet all with one thing in common: a penchant for great work.


adam aud


I think the bicycle, the Swiss army knife, and the Internet are the three greatest inventions of all time. Buck Showalter is my hero. He's going to save Baltimore baseball. I like backpacking because living in the woods with only a bunch of cool gear from REI is an important life skill. I'm not afraid of spiders, but I am afraid of cobs.


alex meyerson

Recent Transplant

I just moved to Baltimore with my daughter from cloudy upstate New York, and we are so looking forward to sun and warmth. My undergraduate degree is in naval architecture, which is a good conversation starter, and my guilty pleasures are Diet Coke, men's shirts, and going back to sleep after the school bus leaves.


amanda getka

In Yo’ Face Designer

I’ve been nicknamed CB for my love of crispy bacon and CM for my cookie monster-like tendencies. I love wine and cocktails if you haven't noticed. I balance it all out by training for various physical challenges like Tough Mudders—no, not for “Double Dare.” Thing 2 to my Thing 1 is my boyfriend Dan; we live with Rocky (Dog) and Karma (Cat).


amber valero

Media Maven

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, I can "talk the jawbone off a jackass" as my parents have often said. I studied journalism at The University of Texas (hook 'em horns) and am well-versed in zombie survival tactics. When I'm not watching HBO or reading my Kindle, I'm perfecting my aerial skills in hopes of joining Cirque du Soleil.


amy redgate

Senior Zookeeper

I'm a recent transplant from Boston but don't have the accent. I've adopted crabs as my crustacean of choice. I have a passion for travel. Thailand, Chile and Amsterdam are among the favorite places I've been. One of my dreams is to ride in a blimp.


andy abbott

O’s Fanatic

Adam Jones once retweeted me. On the weekends you can find me doing my best Torrey Smith impersonation in club football. I enjoy dodging motorists on a run around Charm City. A day doesn’t go by without fantasy baseball from April to October. Don’t mind my bobblehead collection.


bill ritson

Part-time Yupster

A Baltimore native on a mission to keep this city weird. I take grammar very seriously and prefer having a game plan. You can't find a music genre that I will not like. If I'm not comparing IPAs, you’ll find me biking down St. Paul Street wearing flip flops. Some call it a death wish.


brenda showell

Director of Mixing Business with Leather

I have been described as bright, ebullient and effervescent not only in personality but also in sartorial flare. I have a wonderful husband and two awesome children that complete my world outside of Planit.


bryan whigam

Renaissance Man (In Progress)

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.


caitlin mills

Charmer O' the Public Eye

A Maryland native and UMD grad, I enjoy crabs, Baltimore, the Terps, Ravens, and boat rides. I live in the moment, love to laugh, will try most anything once, and finally have accepted my freckles.


carli cohen

Aspiring Mermaid

I’m Carl-i. No -ie, no -y, just -i. Born and raised in Bawlmer, hon. Eerily enthralled by all things Edgar Allan Poe—hence my beloved pup, Annabel Lee. I'm a wanderer, an art maker, a passport stamp collector, and a hopeful world changer. I’m also a vinyl record hoarder and a coffee addict (seriously, I can’t hold a conversation before my first cup).


chris currier

Jackass of All Trades

Husband. Father. Adman. Geek. I’m always looking to improve myself, the team, and the agency. What else do you need to know?


chris finnegan

Media Director

Aside from online advertising, my first love is playing the guitar. When I’m not playing in a band or practicing at home, I'm at an ethnic restaurant downtown - Thai and Indian are favorites.


christina royster

Pitch Mama

Passionate about advertising, motherhood, and cross-platform pitching. Ten-year-old brings Pitch Mama out at the grocery store when she wants packaged food with famous faces. I give her the goods-and-services pitch. She gives up. Two-year-old never buys my pitches, but Hubby always does. : ) My other love? Using technology to tell cool stories.


cody davidow

The Freshman

I am a senior at Towson majoring in smiles and high fives; I enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding when time and weather allow. I’ve traveled the world a few times but I always seem to end up back in New Orleans. Challenge me on QuizUp. They don’t call me pizzasaurus rex for nothing.


crystal franz

Director of Decisiveness

I’m an eternal optimist with a realist attitude. I like to get things done and get them done right. My daughter is the coolest person I know and my husband is a close second. I don’t discriminate when it comes to food and road trips are my jam. Oh, and I don’t give into peer pressure so it’d be futile to try.


ed callahan

Creative Strategist, Co-Founder

I solve problems. I enjoy breaking down barriers and asking a lot of questions. The nature of my industry doesn't allow for much downtime, but when I do get it, I like being with interesting people.


edward macnabb

Wac Ronalds, PhD

I have lived in Maryland for 98 percent of my life. I have been patiently waiting 21 years for the Caps to win the Stanley Cup. I am searching for a bar that serves Natural Ice; please let me know if you find one. The best television show ever created is The King of Queens (M-F 5-6 p.m. on TBS). I survive on McDoubles.


emily anderson

Professional Fast Talker

I’m a Long Island native with a recent coffee addiction and an affinity for anything involving bacon or cheese. I am helpless without a to do list and I’ve never met a tequila I didn’t like.


erica malanga

Closet Dynamo

I’m about 37.4% sure that I was Louis Prima in a past life. Bilibilibop--BILIBOP! Make that 52.9%. Yeah.


erin black

Queen B

I’m frequently bubbly, rarely bossy, and I boo everything boring. I embrace boldness, and I’m truly baffled by bad behavior. I bow to baubles, and fine wine rules my world—from blanc to bordeaux. Like all Queen B's before me: I always bring my A game.


erin foerster

Hashtag Heroine

I’m Erin: a girl with one "n." Landed in #Baltimore after New York, Vermont, and Connecticut didn’t work out. I enjoy sipping on calimochos (cheap red wine and coke) and snacking on tapas (I’m a true Spaniard at heart). You can find me on the ice perfecting my slap shot or cheering on my fellow Quinnipiac Bobcats as they kick Yale’s butt.


erinn hesse

Chief of Checklists

I'm Erinn, not to be confused with Erin. You can read my face like a newspaper. I roll my eyes whenever I look left. I love anything that is turquoise. I bruise like a Georgia peach…and I will harass you to get the answers I need, with love!


evalyse limon


I’m still a little afraid of the dark. I have a love-hate relationship with Mother Nature. I believe The Office is the cure for any bad mood. I like lists, manners, positive thinking and drinking Woodchucks with a shot (or two) of Stoli Blueberi. I don’t like mustard or driving slowly.


frank hamilton

Hometown Hero

Born and raised in Baltimore, I've lived in this city almost all my life. I make a mean crab cake, I still refer to my neighborhood as "where the old stadium used to be," and there's probably only one degree of separation between me and anyone else in town.


galen frazer

The AV Guy

When I'm "offline" I love hangin' with my beautiful wife Chrissy and my best friend Ava (who also happens to be my amazing daughter). Playing stringed instruments, composting, and reading occupy the rest of my spare time.


héctor gonzález

The Client Whisperer

I was born in South America, but I am a Cajun at heart. I bleed purple and gold (LSU grad). I enjoy cooking and traveling. Since I moved to Baltimore, running and sailing have become my new hobbies. My family and friends are my most valuable possessions. I will give you my best work and have fun doing it.


holly carter

Lead Zombie Exterminator

I enjoy bad movies, rum and coke, and pretending to have a social life via the internet. I live with my boyfriend and my cat in charming and beautiful Essex. I'm very clumsy and generally considered to be why we can't have nice things. I've also been known to be sarcastic from time to time. But, you know, in an endearing way.


jack spaulding


I am the King of Prussia. I eat animals that eat other animals. I orbit the sun regularly. I invented thunder. I can play the clavicle. I am very, very rare.


jason drumheller

Dream Catcher

I catch dreams. And turn them into layouts.


jason losover

Assistant to the Regional Manager

I help our clients dominate their competition. I bleed purple and black and my favorite brewery is Magic Hat. I’ve been told that I’m the songbird of my generation.


jeannetta gerrish


A Maryland lifer who as a child was certain I was the next Mia Hamm. I am competitive, especially when it comes to Yahtzee or speeding. On weekends I enjoy snapping photos for my blog or jogging with my goldendoodle, but if it’s Sunday, you will absolutely find me tailgating in Lot H in purple and black with a vodka and soda (or five).


jeff long

Master of Business

Former Mega-tern. I know more baseball statistics than any sane human should. I’m passionate about all things Orioles and all things Baltimore. I can tell what cut of meat something is just by putting it in my mouth. When Planit lets me out of the office you can find me playing a quick 18. No excuses, play like a champion.


jenn ridgley

VP of Clumsiness

My nickname as a child was Mighty Mouse, and that name is as fitting now as it was then. I'm an Annapolis native, a pet rescue advocate, a peanut butter lover, a torn ACL soccer player, and a wine enthusiast who always wears something with a bow on it. Everything looks better with a bow on it.


jess brown

City Gal

Although a Pennsylvania native, I’ve called Baltimore home for the past seven years. I find inspiration for my work in the hustle and bustle of the Inner Harbor and the juxtaposition between the city’s historic architecture and modern buildings. My claim to fame is being featured in an inflight magazine you probably have never heard of.


jess dellen

Professional Nitpicker

When I’m not helping people talk pretty I’m moonlighting as a Daria impersonator. I’m fluent in lolspeak and snark. I’m a native yinzer who bleeds blue and white. My apartment smells of rich mahogany. I’m a terrible dancer but I love to do it anyway.


jessica oring

Question Master

Following in the footsteps of famous “The U” alums Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, Baltimore is now home for this Ravens fan. Fruits from the grape or pickle vine are often consumed while watching Chick-flicks, the Summer Olympics every four years, or Storage Wars. And who needs coffee when there are morning radio shows to be addicted to?


joe glorioso

Soda Jerk

Working the fountains at a small-town drugstore, Joe has more on his mind than chocolate sodas; if only the police chief's daughter would notice him when she comes in for her usual cherry malt! Will he get the girl? And, will he stop the crooks from robbing the bank???


john friedman

Wannabe Jazz Musician

Cool. Bop. Soul. I love jazz. I could listen to it all day. And in fact, most days, I do. But I just wish I could play it better. Boo-ba-dee-bop-bop-splah-dah. Okay, okay. I get it. I’ll stick to writing. For now.


jon pannoni

Professor Inquisitive

I like people who look like their pets. I’m big into Catch Phrase (I challenge anyone to a game) and kids who have to wear leashes. I’m a huge fan of snails. I dislike sneaky snakes (I’m fine with them if they don’t surprise me). I’m really against mouth-breathers and I’m not a fan of people who create their own nicknames.


justin franklin

Yuppie Megaphone Holder

The perfect combination of modern and traditional—I can regularly be found at some raging late-night concert, at another quirky museum, canning my own pickles and preserves, or fixing up my new home in Baltimore. I am never seen without my Starbucks.


kacey bidnick


I’m Kacey with a K… a-c-e-y, hailing from Syracuse, the heart of New York. I prefer my coffee first and conversation second. I make a lot of lists and will never turn down a challenge. I believe in sarcasm and positive thoughts. I dislike birds and find it difficult to trust people who don't like dogs.


kara beisswanger

Kare Bear

My friends call me Kare Bear because I give hugs and smiles like I'm a real one. Being from a small town in PA where everyone knows everything about everyone, I enjoy getting to know new people, and I love going to new places. I have big dreams of owning my own food truck one day because I LOVE a good meal.


kelly brentzel

Executionist Extraordinaire

I’ve never met a list I can’t check off—twice. My husband calls me Lady Gordon Ramsay because I curse like a sailor and cook my ass off. My favorite pastimes include #ImproperlyUsingHashtags and discovering dive bars and then dragging everyone I know to them. I enjoy betting on sports, drinking “al fresco,” and all things Detroit.


lindsay ercole

Carb Queen

I bleed purple, live for summers in OCMD, couldn’t survive without pasta, and I’ve never had a dog. When I’m not out enjoying life in Baltimore, I’m probably at home watching 24 or driving who knows where. I can recite any scene from The Sandlot movie… not kidding. And no, I don’t have a brother named Steve.


liz borcik

No-No-Notorious L.I.Z.

I'm the "sports guy" who is really a girl. If I'm not playing sports, you'll find me watching them on TV or in person. When I'm not terrorizing the streets of Annapolis, you'll most likely find me at the beach, baking up something delicious, or reading Women's Health (ironic, right?). Oh, and, HOYA SAXA!


mark levy


I have a wide variety of hobbies that run the gamut between outdoorsman and computer nerd, depending on the season. That brief moment when a project finally comes together and goes live is a wonderful feeling that almost validates the frustration of getting a complicated product to work. Also, I work at a place that lets me drink beer at my desk!


matt doud

President, Co-Founder

I am the rudder and Ed is the sail. I like the speed. I like the adventure. I like the rough waters and the calm seas. Ultimately my job is to keep an eye on the horizon and keep Planit on course.


maura mirarchi

Pixel Pusher

I’m a Charm City girl who loves everything Baltimore. I’m a health freak but I can’t live without ice cream and chocolate. Everything is better at the beach. Catch me at Fager’s watching the sunset.


max connors

Wolf Dancer/Bull Prancer

Okay, so I haven't danced with a wolf yet... I was waiting for a slow song. However, I do hope to return to Spain and run with the bulls again. I enjoy time on the water, catching a bushel, and camping out where the wild things are. Making a fool of myself at Applebee’s karaoke is my new favorite activity. GO GAMECOCKS!


meagan petri

LOLercoaster Operator

Pronounced MEE-gan, not MEG-gan. I'm a straight shooter; I love my dogs and I can cook my pants off. I fancy myself a Scrabble aficionado and casually read the dictionary to give myself an edge. One day, I hope to overcome my fear of karaoke so I can perform "Shoop" in front of a bunch of people I don't know.


megan barlly

Happy Feet

Surprise me or get me excited and you might be so lucky to see my happy feet. I want a flash mob to happen to me, just once. When I’m not jet setting to Jamaica, you’ll find me snowboarding, watching football, or in Fells checking out the craft beer scene—my name is Barlly, what did you expect?


megan english

Karma Chameleon

Contrary to popular belief, I think nice guys finish first. An unofficial super-jock with mediocre claims to fame (including a brief cameo in a German boy band video). My family, my friends, podcasts, and yoga make the world a better place. Please make me laugh and feed me gummy bears. And in the times of chimpanzees I was a monkey…


melinda callahan

The Woman Behind the Man

I am in love with wine. I have yet to find a wine that I don't like.


mike unruh

Conocedor de Burritos

Chipotle is the source of and solution to all of my problems. When I'm not noshing on burritos, I spend the remaining few hours of the day drawing, lifting heavy weights, playing hockey, and reading Reddit’s headlines.


nevin laughlin

Web Experience Purveyor

I have a weakness for chocolate and beer. On the weekends, I love spending time with my wife, Katie, and little boy, Ephram. Some day we plan on restoring a historic home.


paul mulgrew

The Irishman

Born in Ireland, I now find myself calling the United States my current home. When I’m not working you can find me keeping my pool game up by playing for hours on end.


pete deluca

To-Do Guru

Habitual pen chewer. Addicted to coffee. I have an odd love for '90s music and movies involving alien invasions. Able to grow a moustache in half an hour. Dedicated Boston sports fan – somebody cue the duck boats!


phil reisinger

Associate Creative Director

I’ve been learning some new 3d software lately and am putting it to use for my son.


rich fulks

VP of Operations

I’m optimistic in thinking that the Redskins might get their act together one day. I have the coolest dog in the world, and I love to be outside whether it’s on a boat or on top of a mountain.


ryan smith

Director of Digital Strategy

One time I was so creative I passed out.


ryan stinnett

Interstellar Produce Destroyer

Having returned from my escape to the west coast, I've been learning to appreciate B-more with a fresh perspective. When I'm not busy pushing pixels around I can be found creating, spinning, and performing electronic music. I'm also secretly an iron chef ninja who paints on the side.


sarah cannon


Yes, I can do a pretty gnarly cannonball. Find me bronzin' on the beach in OCMD (my home away from home). I love my big/crazy/fun family, obsess over zebra print, am a lax rat at heart and bleed purple and black. I secretly love playing bartender (orange/grapefruit crushes please) and my DJ name would definitely be DJ Scantron. BOOM!


sarah e. quackenbush

Chief Cat Herder

When you grow up with a last name like mine, you don't get to take yourself too seriously. You also don't eat duck. I ask a lot of questions, but I have a lot to do and a short attention span, so you'd better answer fast. I spend a lot of money on tickets: concert… airplane… speeding… gotta go!


scott shulim

Word Energy Balancer

My mind is a blank canvas. Except when I can't stop thinking about: The time I spend on the spaces between the words. Whether I’ll always have the music in me. Who will take care of my questions when I’m gone. When I will give up the wheel for at least half the drive to Canastota for the International Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.


shannon griffin

Functionality Specialist

When I am not running up Planit’s credit card bill or restocking the beer fridge, you can catch me out on a run, watching my boys play football and basketball, cheering on my hometown Syracuse, and soaking up the sunshine wherever I can.


stephen graham

Discriminating Palette

My Belgian lineage requires me to be an aficionado of beer and chocolate. I'm a fount of useless trivia and a former Roshambo champion. When I'm not commanding a small army of papertoy monsters, I'm usually involved in epic rap battles with my two daughters. Do I dare mention I'm a (ahem) Steelers fan?


tace samet

Chief Astrologer

To clarify; it’s Tay-see. My rules are simple:
1. You can never be overeducated or overdressed (thanks Oscar).
2. Follow your sign. Sounds a little cosmic, but it works.
3. There is always a deal to be made.
Oh, and you can never go wrong with wine and cheese.


tim dix

Mad Scientist

Got questions? I have answers. Come see me for a spur-of-the-moment science lesson. I’m not afraid to stick a battery on my tongue. Or yours.


tim smith

Awesomeness Re-definer

When I’m not re-defining awesome here at Planit, you can find me at the races: Dirt, Asphalt, Drag Strip with Nitro cars, doesn’t matter. I love the smell of Nitro in the morning! If I slow down, I’m probably watching my NY sports teams, at a concert, or spending time with my friends and family, usually laughing and making things more awesome.


trevor villet

Creative Director

I like making you squirm. Yes, you.