Balki Bartokomous came to Planit to be reintroduced to the American household. After three years of extensive market research, Planit uncovered some interesting information; people still want Balki. They want him on-the-go, they want him in their pockets, they want him back in their lives. Why is that? What we uncovered was this. Even 17 years after the genre-bending final chapter of Perfect Strangers, viewers still are searching for the series' unanswered question; "Should I be reedikolos?" The answer is in the Balki app.

So how do you tap into any situation from anywhere and have Balki answer that age-old question, "Should I be reedikolos?" The answer was simple. By tapping into the North Atlantic powergrid, Planit was able to access vital information to fuel the Balki EngineĀ®. By writing no-less than 45 algorithms that connect with over 650 APIs, the Balki app can assess any situation and let you know if you should be reedikolos in that instance. The Balki Engine uses geo-location applications, hydro-carbon filtration networks, solar-flare scanners, and interpolates that analysis with a DiSC personality profile of Balki posted on his myspace page to derive an answer with 98.92% accuracy.

Since the launch of the Balki app in the iphone store, it has been downloaded 4 times. To Balki of Mepos, that is a success.

We told him, "Don't be reedikolos, that stinks."

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